Gender Equality Update-32: Needs and Challenges that Women and Excluded Groups Continue to Experience During the Current Wave of Covid-19

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This image in the cover page shows the Relief distribution of food and non-food items in Jagannath Rural Municipality, Bajura by Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) with support from UN Women.

As the current outbreak of COVID-19 continues to impact the most vulnerable communities, the need for effective cooperation and response has increased. The Gender Equality Update 32 is the result of the Gender in Humanitarian Action Task Team (GiHA-TT) meeting, in which Civil Society Organizations, International Development Partners, UN agencies and the Government of Nepal came together to highlight the needs, challenges, good practices and lessons learned in responding to the current wave of COVID-19. This document summarizes the COVID-19 Management Ordinance 2021 and the Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 (first amendment) Ordinance 2021 and underlines recommendations given by GiHA-TT members to address the challenges faced by vulnerable groups in Nepal.