UNOSAT S-1 Flood AI Monitoring Dashboard (Nepal)

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UNOSAT Sentinel-1(S-1) Flood Artificial Intelligence (AI) Monitoring Dashboard was created by the United Nations Satellite Centre, UNOSAT.  The UNOSAT S-1 Flood AI model was deployed to monitor the floods in Nepal.  Your feedback and comments on this would be highly appreciated.  Email: [email protected] / [email protected]



Satellite Detected Water Extent Over Province 1 And 2


  • Flood analysis from SAR Sentinel-1 images may significantly underestimate the presence of standing waters in built-up and/or densely vegetated areas due to backscattering of the radar.
  • Flood extraction was calculated using a deep learning model. Details about the model and training set can be found here:
  • WorldPop calculation may significantly overestimate the population affected by floods in urban areas.
  • All statistics are computed based on WorldPop and cover only over Nepal.