Early Recovery

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Cluster Lead      : MoFAGA

Co-lead agency : UNDP

Agency Focal Person and Alternates Email

Mohan Kumar Ghimire



Sudhir Kumar

Siddhartha Sharma

[email protected] 

[email protected]

The immediate action on early recovery support with focus on livelihood/economic restoration for those affected by flooding to bridge the gap until more longer-term solutions are identified and implemented for sustained economic stabilization. The impact of COVID-19 on the informal economy will mean that more focus will need to be on livelihood assistance as employment opportunities are likely to be restricted. The Cluster will target households that include elderly and disabled persons, female headed households, daily wage-based households and households making their livelihoods through informal sector economic activities. 

Specific objectives of Early Recovery clusters include:

  1. To ensure resumption of livelihoods and income general opportunities. 
  2. To rehabilitate essential community infrastructures, offering local employment opportunities through cash for work mechanisms and unconditional cash transfers where needed.