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Inclusive System Evaluation For Gender Equality, Environments And Marginalized Voices (ISE4FEMs)

The interconnectedness and indivisibility of the 2030 Agenda and the realities of the world in which we work require us to deal with complexity at an unprecedented scale. As such, we need to identify, understand and develop appropriate ways of applying systems thinking to collectively define and address the challenges that we confront. We need to think across and beyond one area of expertise or mandate and to understand how our actions contribute to the overall United Nations objectives.

Evaluation of the Impact of the BRIDGE Program in Nepal

Following a joint International IDEA, IFES and UNDP needs assessment mission in 2007, the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) embarked on what was to become an ambitious, 10-year implementation of the BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) professional development course. Nepal and the ECN are unique in the world in that they have had the longest, continuous relationship with BRIDGE and have used it in an effort to build capacity of ECN staff and positive working relationships with numerous electoral stakeholders in Nepal.