United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Nepal (UNDAF) 2013-2017

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The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) forms the overall framework for the United Nations Country Team’s (UNCT) work between 2013 and 2017. This document comprises three main parts. The first part describes the key development challenges facing Nepal, taking particular account of its post-conflict, transitional context. This part also describes the UNDAF development process, its framing principles and core strategies, an overview of results-based management (RBM) and monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and coordination and implementation mechanisms. The second part describes the 10 outcomes that the UNDAF is structured around: six that deal with moving the development agenda forward, three that aim to protect development gains made in the past, and one that helps create an enabling environment for enhanced international cooperation. The final part of this document consists of the Results Matrix and M&E framework for all outcomes.

The attached version of the UNDAF supplants the previous one and matches the printed edition. Changes have been made only to the Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix. For a high resolution version, please contact us at [email protected]