Nepal UNDAF 2013-2017: Evaluation Summary

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The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2013-2017 guided 23 UN agencies in their support to the Government of Nepal. The UNDAF originally budgeted $634,525,000 USD to be mobilized and delivered during this period on ten UNDAF outcomes. As of the end of 2015, the UN Country Team (UNCT) has delivered $265,975,969 USD with two years in which to mobilize and deliver the remaining $368,549,031 USD. It should be noted however that the amount disbursed does not include funds mobilized for the earthquake response which were outside the UNDAF purview both in terms of district coverage (there was little or no overlap with the UNDAF priority districts) and type of response (the UNDAF did not have a strong focus on disaster preparedness and response). This summary report provides details of a recent UNDAF evaluation carried out to better understand the effectiveness of developmental support provided by the UNDAF. The document serves as the end term evaluation for the 2013-2017 UNDAF and provides critical learning points and recommendations to support the UN in Nepal to develop a new 2018-2022 UNDAF. The report is divided into three sections: strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. Each section addresses the major findings of the evaluation as they relate to the UNDAF’s design, coordination, implementation and results.