COVID 19 Sitrep 41

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This report is produced by Office of the Resident Coordinator in collaboration with partners. It covers the period from 12-18 June 2021. The next report will be issued on or around 25 June 2021.

• Monsoon, which began just one week ago, has already displaced around 600 families leading to sheltering in public buildings, posing significant COVID-19 transmission risks.
• Loss of income due to COVID-19 related lockdowns and lack of socio-economic assistance has further exacerbated mental health and psychosocial problems.
• Poor, Dalit and other marginalized families face difficulties in access medical treatment as they cannot afford hospital and medical expense.
• Three of a nationwide 22 nutrition rehabilitation homes have been converted to isolation facilities, depriving malnourished children of access to treatment.
• Frontline workers continue to be infected by COVID-19, leading to disruptions in essential humanitarian service delivery.