छायां शिक्षा प्रणालीको सामना: कस्ता निजी ट्युसन, कस्ता सरकारी नीति ? (Confronting shadow education: what government policies for what private tutoring in Nepali)

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The book focuses on the so-called shadow education system of private supplementary tutoring. In parts of East Asia in particular, such tutoring has long existed on a large scale. Pupils commonly receive fee-free education in public schools and then at the end of day and/or during week-ends and vacations receive supplementary tutoring in the same subjects on a fee-paying basis. The book begins by surveying the scale, nature and implications of the shadow education system in a range of settings. It then identifies possible government responses to the phenomenon. It encourages a proactive approach through which governments determine which types of tutoring they consider desirable and which types are problematic, and then design appropriate policies.