Inter Agency Procurement Taskforce

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The UN IAPTF is a Task Force of the Operations Management Team (OMT) established to promote economy in time and resources spent in procurement and harmonization throughout the UN System in Nepal.


The basic objectives of the UN IAPTF are:

  • To facilitate dialogue and work amongst stakeholders on common issues of concern.
  • To share best practices, promote harmonization, improve overall quality and equality of procurement processes, and function as a forum for capacity building among the members.
  • To discuss, investigate and develop concept and methodology for proposals on specific issues requested by the OMT or identified by the procurement network itself.
  • To achieve economy of scale by contracting a single vendor for all the UN agencies through a joint bidding process.
  • To promote and support the implementation of procurement that encourage the uptake of sustainable goods and services.
  • To strengthen accountability by achieving optimal results.


The UN IAPTF is chaired by a Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator and meets on a monthly rotational basis at the member agencies

  • To act as an advisory group to the OMT in the area of procurement management.
  • To help establish a culture and environment for sharing and learning best procurement practices within UN organizations in Nepal.
  • To participate in the common procurement process, select vendors for long term and oversee their performance, and timely extend their contract period or initiate a new selection process.