Nepal mVAM Market Update 1, May/June 2021

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The findings of the Nepal COVID-19 Market Update # 1  are: 

  • Retail prices of food staples were relatively stable and showed a marginal increase.  Prices of fruits, some vegetables and pulses increased sharply, while meat and milk prices declined in May 2021. 
  • Markets continued to function without major disruptions, however pockets of low stocks, low level of transportation of goods and labour demand was observed.
  • Demand for food and non-food commodities remained moderate to high. 
  • Compared to last year, prices of essential commodities and overall market situation is relatively more stable. However, the continued restrictions and declining food stocks, coupled with increasing global food prices can potentially lead to further price volatility in Nepal. In turn this can put further pressure on vulnerable households, affecting their ability to access essential food and non-food commodities, and thereby have negative impact on their food security status.