Nepal COVID-19 mVAM Market Update 9

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The findings of the Nepal COVID-19 Market Update #9 are: 

  • Retail prices of most food commodities fluctuated, whilst prices of food staples remained stable.  Prices of some vegetables declined and prices of chicken meat, fruits and cooking oil increased. 
  • Functioning of markets continued to improve as in the previous reporting period, with sufficient availability of food and non-food commodities in markets, and improved supply of goods reported across the country. 
  • Whilst demand for food and non-food commodities remained at medium level, signs of slight improvement were reported with and increased number of traders reporting high demand.   
  • The overall price trend and market situation indicates a gradual improvement in the demand and supply of goods and economic activities following the COVID-19 lockdown. However, people in remote areas with limited access to employment opportunities and vulnerable groups, including daily wage labourers, remain at risk. Volatilities in prices may further exacerbate their vulnerability and affect their ability to access food and non-food items.