Inter Agency Administrative Working Group

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Inter-Agency Administrative Working Group (IAAWG)

The Inter-Agency Administrative Working Group (IAAWG) is an essential component of the United Nations (UN) system in Nepal, dedicated to enhancing administrative collaboration and efficiency among UN agencies operating at the country level. Positioned within the Organizational Management Taskforce, the IAAWG plays a pivotal role in addressing administrative function, challenges and fostering coherence in UN operations.


The primary purpose of the IAAWG is to serve as a consultative body, providing operational support as a backbone, and recommendations to the Operations Management Team (OMT) on administrative matters. It focuses on streamlining administrative processes, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting best practices across UN agencies.


  • Administrative Coordination: The IAAWG facilitates coordination and collaboration among UN agencies on administrative issues, ensuring alignment with the overall strategic objectives of the UN system.
  • Input in Policy Development: It contributes to the development of common administrative policies and guidelines, providing valuable insights to promote consistency and coherence in administrative practices across agencies.
  • Resource Optimization: The working group identifies opportunities for resource optimization and cost-saving measures through collaborative initiatives and shared services.
  • Capacity Building: Through knowledge sharing and training initiatives, the IAAWG enhances the capacity of UN staff in administrative functions, fostering professional development and operational effectiveness.
  • Compliance: It assesses and mitigates administrative compliance, financial, and operational to safeguard the integrity and reputation of UN operations.


  • Open to all UN agencies that are members of the UNCT.
  • Each UN agency appoints one representative to participate in the IAAWG meetings and contribute to its activities.
  • UN Staff member recommended by OMT to join the task force based on expertise and relevance to specific administrative issues.