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Gender Equality Update_28

The 28th Gender Equality Update highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a focus on mental health crisis in Nepal. The update includes challenges in providing mental healthcare in Nepal, the innovations made to ensure mental healthcare services reach the most affected communities, and long-term recommendations to sustain mental wellbeing among vulnerable groups in Nepal.

UN Framework for Responding to the Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Nepal , 15 Sep 2020

Objectives of the framework

  • To design the UN approach to socioeconomic response and recovery over the next 12-18 months, concurrent to and beyond emergency support
  • To generate collective intelligence, data, and information that informs the UN system to work in support of Nepal’s SER response to COVID-19
  • To serve as an organizing basis for UNCT, to repurpose its ongoing work in Nepal
  • To serve as a tool to mobilize additional resources in support of SER response for Nepal

SDG Baseline Report of Karnali Province

Karnali provincial government has developed its approach paper for its first five year plan, and has set its priorities for the period. The priorities include infrastructure, social development among others. Based on these priorities, the development ideas, targets, purposes, strategies, action points and expected results ae set in line with the SDGs. This SDG Baseline Report will help achieve the targets, purposes, strategies, and actions of Karnali Province