PDS Action Plan, 29 November 2011

12 January 2012

Nepal’s international development partners are committed to supporting Nepal’s peace process. In this spirit, they have finalized a ‘Peace and Development Strategy’ (PDS) that was developed over the course of 2010 by a cross-section of local and international actors. The strategy has also benefitted from discussions with different parts of government during its formulation.
In order to ensure that the PDS yields concrete results, the strategy identifies 178 specific areas of ongoing or potential support for development partners. These points have been compiled into this ‘Plan of Action’ that has been released as a companion document to the PDS. The status of the Action Plan will be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure the actions identified are moved along – the current Action Plan was last updated on 29 November 2011. Though all actions are ultimately contingent upon requests being made by the Government, the Action Plan will help establish a state of readiness for development partners.

Geographical coverage: Nepal

Source/Methodolgy: N/A

Sector: Peace Support and Transition
Download PDF (695.65 KB) 2012-01-12-PDS-Action-Plan.pdf