A visit to Namuna Machindra High School in Lailtpur‬ to talk about Open Spaces

The International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s team visited Namuna Machindra High School in Lailtpur and talked about Open Spaces.

This activity is a part of the outreach campaign of the project entitled “Preparedness and management of open spaces for effective humanitarian response in Kathmandu valley (P-MOS)” funded by USAID.  

Our dedicated staff, Prajwal Sharma gave a presentation to at least 60 students from grade 9 in Namuna which was later followed by a Question and Answer session.

These students were given information on how prone to natural disaster Kathmandu Valley is, especially to earthquake and what possible preparedness measures could be taken into account beforehand.

On this occasion, the Red Panda PSA on Disaster Risk Reduction was also screened with an aim of raising awareness amongst the students on earthquake safety as well as tips on how to prepare for a life-saving emergency kit were given.

Last but not least, the students were also introduced to the existence of 83 identified open spaces in the valley which are designated for emergency response.