Milestone in IOM’s post-earthquake early recovery programme

Milestone in IOM’s post-earthquake early recovery programme: the demolition of the 100th unsafe building

Marking IOM’s post-earthquake early recovery programme’s milestone, on September 2nd, IOM invited various stakeholders to witness the 100th unsafe building demolition in #Chautrara. Among the attendance are representatives from local government authorities, local community groups, IOM’s partners of International and National Non-Government Organizations (I/NGOs), and fellow journalists as well UN Agencies. 

On that day, IOM also presented the overall achievements as well as lessons learnt from the post-earthquake early recovery programme. To date, 113 numbers of buildings/non-buildings/plots have been demolished and/or cleared in the districts of Gorkha, Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk. Out of these, 31 were private structures and 72 were government buildings.

Aside from the demolition agenda, IOM also held a discussion session led by Chief District Officer, Mr. Balabhadra Giri. One of the highlighted issues was the importance on the close coordination between IOM and the local authorities in order to accomplish the objectives, which at the end is always the fact to try help as many people as possible affected by the earthquake