IOM and Qatar to Cooperate on Migrant Returns

IOM and the State of Qatar have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will see them working together over the next two years to provide voluntary return and reintegration assistance to stranded migrants. The new project, to be run in close cooperation with the national authorities, will focus on migrants who are the victims of abuse, exploitation or mistreatment, including human trafficking. It will be of particular benefit to the Nepali returnee migrant workers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Malaysia.

The collaboration efforts will include capacity building trainings for service providers, such as the labour attaché training for officials of the Ministries of Labour, Employment and Foreign Affairs. There will also be training on victim protection, referral mechanisms and shelter management for local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government officials in Nepal.

The MOU is the first substantial contribution from Qatar to IOM’s work on migrant protection and will allow IOM to support Nepali migrants from all other Gulf Cooperation Council countries, paving the way for more and closer cooperation.