Flagship 5

Development investment cannot be protected without an effective risk management approach. The NRRC Flagship 5, led by the Ministry of Home Affairs and UNDP, work toward reducing vulnerability and achieving sustainable development in Nepal by integrating Disaster Risk Management (DRM) into national/local plans, policies and programs through supporting policies, legislation and institutional frameworks for DRM at the national and local levels. This work underpins all the Flagship Programs and will minimize the creation of new risk.

Flagship 5 Key priority areas

Legal and institutional framework (DRM mainstreaming)

  • DRM institutional capacity development (nodal and line ministries)
  • Safe building construction
  • Public Private Partnership

Flagship 5 is facilitated by Flagship5 coordination secretariat supported by UNDP. The key roles of the coordination secretariat include;

  1. Support to maintaining mechanism for DRM related policy/normative coordination and prioritization across flagships
  2. Facilitation/coordination support on the Flagship 5 key priority areas (above) of DRM policy and institutional development
  3. Flagship 5 stakeholder coordination and maintenance of governance and working structure

Flagship 5 Governance and Working Structure

MoHA, MoFALD, Municipalities, MoPPW, MoUD, NPC, DPNet, NSET, NRCS, IFRC, OCHA, UNICEF, Oxfam, Handicap and many more!

Flagship 5:Thematic Consultation Meetings