Nepal Food Security Monitoring Systems (NeKSAP)

World Food Program (WFP)
Data Update Frequenct: 
Brief Description of System: 

This NeKSAP collects, analyzes and presents information on household food security, emerging crises, markets and nutrition from across Nepal. The data is collected through Field Surveillance Team of WFP and in place since 2002. The household and market data are collected by more than 32 well-trained field monitors equipped with PDA and satellite phone. The district food security network covers 62 districts out of 75. The NeKSAP was initially established by the World Food Programme but is currently being institutionalized by the Government of Nepal in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the National Planning Commission

Key Output: 

NeKSAP produces quarterly Food Security Bulletins, Child Nutrition Bulletins, Crop Situation Update, Market Watch updates and early warning information

How to Obtain: 

The analytical reports are disseminated to the Government of Nepal, donors, development and humanitarian community. More information is available at: Google Group of Nepal Food Security Monitoring System