AIDS in Asia: Face the Facts: A comprehensive analysis of the AIDS epidemic in Asia

1 January 2004
The Asia-Pacific region is home to 60% of the world\'s population and to 19% of the men, women and children living with HIV in 2004—some 5.2 million men, 2 million women and 168,000 children according to new estimates from UNAIDS/WHO. The Asia-Pacific region is vast and diverse, and HIV epidemics in the region share that diversity. This report is produced by the Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic Network (an international network of epidemiologists and public health professionals who contribute data and analysis in their individual capacities). This report focuses largely on prevention of HIV among adults and adolescents. It focuses largely on East, South-East and South Asia, though it also includes information from some Central Asian nations, including Iran, as well as some of the developing countries of the Pacific.

Geographical coverage: Asia

Sector: HIV