Press Release for International Youth Day 2013, YuwakYuwati Mela

16 August 2013

Youth Migration and Development
17th August Saturday at the Moksh Restaurant, Kathmandu

Every year the world celebrates the International Youth Day (IYD) on the 12thAugust. This year the celebration has special focus on youth migration and development.

In today’s increasingly globalized and interconnected world in which more people migrate, young migrants have become powerful agents of positive change and development. In Nepal, overseas migration from all parts of the country has been rising steadily in recent years. An estimated 400,000 young people enter the labour market each year and, in the absence of quality employment opportunities within the country, particularly in rural areas, migration to India and overseas for employment has become an increasingly attractive option for many youth. In Nepal, the Department of Foreign Employment estimated that around 1,500 young Nepalese leave for employment to countries other than India each day. The total number that has received formal approval to leave is 2.08 million. The Ministry of Labour and Transport Management also estimates that a similar number have gone overseas for employment through informal channels.

Engaging and including youth in migration debates and policies is essential in the enhancement of development. Young migrants need to be given opportunities to participate, to express themselves, to be listened to and to have their needs and interests taken into account.

This Saturday, 17th August, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and UN Agencies in coordination with youth led organizations invites all youth to the youth festival, a closing event of the IYD celebration week which started from Monday, 12th August with the special inauguration chaired by the Prime Minister.  

The fair will be held from 11:00am to 5:00pm at Moksh in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu where more than 15 organizationswill participate to share their stories and experiences with youth visitors. Initiative Outdoor will help you get your adventure with abseiling and they'll talk about their new programme for and with young people. Children and Youth First will tell their stories and be selling their Haushala products that have all been made by a group of amazing and very strong women. Children from Maiti Nepal will be presenting a skit and they will also have lots of goodies on display and for sale for Teej. Children from CWIN Nepal will be presenting a play and they will have products from Banners to Bags for sale. Heart Beat will be selling momos to raise funds for their 'School on Wheels' initiative. Yuwalaya will have a pecha-kucha style event. Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) will provide information about safe migration. Pourakhi Nepal, an organization of returnee women migrant workers will talk about safe migration, tell stories of returnee migrant workers and be selling their products. Restless Development Nepal will be adding music and dance to the event by showcasing their Dance4Life (D4L) programme.

Contact: Ms. Jung Yuen Park / UNV Programme Officer / 9851106719

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