United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN)

United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN)

The UN Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN) was established in March 2007 to complement the government’s Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF). The UNPFN delivers rapid and flexible UN responses to Nepal’s unique needs arising from Nepal’s transitional environment.

It also ensures a strategic UN approach to support peace-building and development in the country. The UNPFN is also one of the key instruments to enhance UN and donor coordination and alignment to ensure more coherent international support to Nepal.

By the end of 2011, the UNPFN had allocated alomst USD 35 million through 19 projects implemented by 12 UN agencies.The UNPFN has received generous contributions from the global UN Peacebuilding Fund and the governments of Canada, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

For further information please visit: http://mdtf.undp.org/factsheet/fund/npf0

UNPFN Support Office:
Silla Ristimaki