Report of NRRC Communication Sub Group Meeting,16 July 2012

16 August 2012

A NRRC Communication Sub Group meeting took place on 16 July at the BBC MA office. Twenty eight participants from 19 organizations attended – see annex for list of organizations. BBC MA Country Director Christian Clark opened the meeting and thanked those who participated at the last meeting and paid special thanks to Mr. Pradeep Koirala, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, who graciously chaired the previous meeting and approved this meeting for the working group.

He noted the 16 July meeting was be for those who are interested in NRRC WG objectives 2.1 and 2.3 (Earthquakes, floods, landslides and key messaging) and further discussions will be needed for setting up a working groups for objective 2.2. (comms for institutional and policy support) and  objective 3: Undertaking a Communication needs assessment preparedness plan.

He said the meeting was an important opportunity to brainstorm and prioritize campaigns/key messages particularly for the proposed earthquake campaign–and would also give a sense of the energy and commitment people will put into the working groups. He noted BCC MA would not be able to lead all these activities, as discussed, so other agencies would need to step up to the plate to help lead and coordinate.  He then proposed, as follows, possible campaign objectives, strategies and partnerships.

Attachment: Download PDF (54.6 KB) NRRC-communication-sub-group-meeting.pdf