NRRC Communication Group: Common Fire Message

28 November 2013

On 13 June 2012, the NRRC Communications Group held a workshop to discuss messaging related to earthquakes, floods and landslides. During this meeting, 3 working groups identified key messages that should be communicated before, during and after the respective disaster. This workshop was a preliminary step towards agreeing and finalising key messages that NRRC Communications Group partners would use in their communications activities (the means of communications and delivery is still the responsibility of individual organisations). Partner organisations have volunteered to work in small groups for finalising the messages agreed in the June workshop.

In following Communication Group meetings, it was agreed that key messages need to be agreed for fire hazards, as fires are a frequent hazard faced in Nepal as well as a potential secondary hazard following an earthquake.

This is now a final opportunity for partners to provide feedback on the wording, content and contextualisation of the messages.  Messages will of course be tested and continuously refined based on feedback.

Attachment: Download PDF (507.03 KB) fire-message.pdf
Download PDF (136.69 KB) fire-message-nepali-version.pdf